By arrangement with; we are now able to offer books for sale through the My 2 Cents Bookstore page. So it is, that over this long holiday weekend, I’ve spent many hours wading through the full catalog of Amazon; looking for a selection of books that would be well suited to the readers of this site.  If I can’t grow the readership simply through my writings perhaps the holidays will inspire droves of christmas shoppers to seek us out when looking for gifts for their favorite ultra-geek.

The selection so far, is by no means comprehensive; but I think it is substantial, and representative of some of the best references available. I also can’t promise currency. In some cases I allowed links to out-of-print books that I believe have very good content, because used copies either are, or may become available.

Whether you choose to buy, or simply to browse, I hope you will enjoy the selection of books. I welcome feedback about books that either should be added to or dropped from the listings.

About Max H:
Max is a father, a husband, and a man of many interests. He is also a consulting software architect with over 3 decades experience in the design and implementation of complex software. View his Linked-In profile at