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In the software industry things that end in OS are typically better than if the OS were missing…  K-OS, er, chaos is not like that.

When chaos ensues, nothing goes well.

When I originally titled this article, I had no idea just how appropriate it would turn out to be.  Thanks to a series of events that has occurred over the past few weeks, this article has become a 3-time, self-referential do-over.  Self-fulfilling prophecy, or simply an application of Murphy’s law? continue reading…

I know that doesn’t sound good.  I don’t think my mother would approve if you called me that, but you can see that it’s true.  So many changes since my first days on a dial-up Bulletin Board System, yet it’s so much the same.  With all of the technological capabilities bestowed upon us by our digital slaves, it seems that what we like best about them is their ability to help us communicate with an ever-growing number of people.  I doubt that will ever change.