I’m very sure that’s not original, but it seemed appropriate.

I hope that you find this site interesting. I believe that opinions are for sharing, and I’ll share mine with all-comers. Hopefully I’ll find a few good minds also willing to share.

This weblog is intended as an avenue for education and discussion about some specific aspects of software and technology that are near and dear to my heart.  There are dozens of places where one can go to read about developing software for PC’s, designing web pages, or using specific languages such as Java and C.

On this site, while topics such as those may be fair game; my professional focus is a little different.  My interest is in how to make software better:  Faster, safer, and more maintainable.  That is the theme and mission of this weblog.

Max A. Hinkley, M.S., CCP, CSP, CET

Posted: September 13, 2006