There are a few benefits to being “between assignments” (a.k.a. unemployed).  One of them is that I can once again find time to post.

My recently ended engagement was a very interesting, and therefore a very thought-energy-consuming, one; and it was accompanied by a 56 mile commute that generally consumed about 3 hours each day (round trip).  This left me with precious little time or motivation to maintain this blog with my little rants.  For that, I will apologize to those few sould who may have looked to these pages as a resource, only to have them go stagnant.

Now that I have a bit more time and energy available to devote, I plan to continue right where I left off.  I view it as starting over, but I have the benefit of some pre-existing content.

As I resume my articles, I hope to welcome some of you back to the ranks of regular readership.

About Max H:
Max is a father, a husband, and a man of many interests. He is also a consulting software architect with over 3 decades experience in the design and implementation of complex software. View his Linked-In profile at